The Edspace World of Tomb Raider

Lara Croft has become a cultural icon, with her enigmatic style, she fearlessly tackles all adversaries and conquers ancient demons to safeguard the world.
She has thrilled us one and all and taken us to places which we could previously only dream of.
Now is the time to recall those adventures, here we can see how Lara defeated those who stood against her and watch the adventures of Lara Croft unfold.
The tales are told in a comic book style so you can visualise as well as follow her adventures, through narrative and Lara's own thoughts.

The Adventures

The link below recounts Lara's first two adventures. They are not a walkthrough, cheat or playing guide and as such will not spoil your enjoyment of the games should you wish to play them for the first time or all over again. If you are looking for a walkthrough then see my Tomb Raider links below.
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Lara's first adventure sees her searching for the mysterious Scion. An ancient artefact of enormous power. However Lara is not the only one on its trail!

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Lara is back for her second and most dangerous mission yet. Legend tells of the Dagger of Xian, whoever possesses it will have the power of the dragon. Also seeking the dagger is Marco Bartoli and his cult followers the 'Fiamma Nera'. Can Lara prevent the dagger from falling into the wrong hands!

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