John Evelyn junior school

John Evelyn junior school dedication website. A place for people to share their memories about this school which lasted for generations. Demolished in the 1990's this is the place to come to share anything you have. Pictures are rare and I encourage all who knew the school to contribute.

Air Traffic Control Simulator

Can you guide all the aircraft onto the glide slope to land safely? Test your skills as you become an air traffic controller at a busy airport. Keep the planes apart and watch out for different ground heights and emergency situations.

Made originally in Microsoft office 97 VBA then ported to Visual Basic 6.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider 1 & 2 were classic games. I thought I would take some time to remember those classic games by creating a comic strip with screen shots, narration and maybe some of Lara's own thoughts. This is where the Tomb Raider phenomenon started. Enjoy.

Fruit machine

This is a simple fruit machine originally made in Borland C for Dos. This will probably not run in a modern windows operating system but may be possible from a DOS boot disk or virtual machine.